Our Squads

For over 60 years Carlile Swimming has been recognised in Australia and internationally as a leader in aquatic education. Carlile Swimming’s expertise and quest for excellence has seen the organisation produce more than fifty Australian team members, twenty eight Olympians and six world record breakers.

Building upon our strong heritage and worldwide reputation for quality and innovation the Carlile Competitive programs continue to be at the forefront of competitive swimming in New South Wales and Australia. Through extensive research and a commitment to professional development of its staff, Carlile Swimming has brought together best practices into the delivery of the competitive coaching program. This is used in conjuction with high quality aquatic and dryland training facilities, as well as sports science and medicine services that offer the best possible results for the athlete and coach.

Tied together with class leading technology integrations results in a coaching program that will support you in the pursuit of your swimming goals.


Performance Transition Squad

The Performance Transition Squad is the first of the competitive training squads. The squad focuses upon the introduction and development of racing skills and technique. Swimmers are generally aged between 8 and 12 years of age who have been promoted from Sharks squad and successfully completed the Performance Transition challenge set. The swimmers show an interest in the competitive pathway, are willing to swim at least 2-3 times per week and are a member of a Carlile heritage club.

Junior Performance Squad

The Junior Performance Squad is aimed at swimmers between 9 and 12 years of age who are regularly participating in club, area and metropolitan competitions, while striving to achieve state qualifying times. The squad focuses upon the development of race technique and skills, along with the introduction of conditioning for competition.   

Promotion to the Junior Performance Squad is through the successful completion of the Junior Performance challenge set and meeting the entry requirement to the Junior Performance Squad.


Age Performance Squad

The Age Performance Squad is aimed at swimmers between 13-16 years of age who have qualified for the NSW State Age championships and are striving to qualify for the National Age Championships. Swimmers in the Age Performance Squad are introduced to advanced racing skills, conditioning for performance and support services such as dryland programming and the introduction of sport science services.

National Performance Squad

The National Performance Squad is aimed at swimmers who have qualified for the National Age Championships and are looking to achieve podium performances. Swimmers in the National Performance Squad will be involved in organised camp and competition activities, while undertaking comprehensive dryland programs. Sport science services and education opportunities support these athletes in their training and competition environment.

Open Performance Squad

The Open Performance Squad is aimed at swimmers who have qualified for Open level competition and championships. The Open Performance Squad provides Open National level athletes with an environment to maximise their performances. The athletes in this squad have committed to a comprehensive training and competition program that combines pool and dryland training sessions coupled with access to world class sport science programs such as physiotherapy, nutrition, biomechanics and psychological support services.  This program is designed for the athlete pursuing international open level competition.