Booking Information  

If I’m new to Carlile, how do I book my child into the Competitive Program?

If you are new to Carlile Swimming, prior to booking into the competitive program we recommend you be assessed so that we can ensure your swimmers is put into the correct squad. Please complete the ‘Apply to Join our Squad’ form on the website and we will be in touch to organise an assessment.


How do I book into the Competitive Program when my child is promoted from the swim school?

The swim school will pass on your contact information to the Competitive Programs Administrator, who will get in touch with you to organise your booking for the Competitive Program.


If I have questions about my bookings who should I contact?

The best person to contact about your squad bookings is our Competitive Programs Administrator, Sophie Taylor.  Sophie can be contacted on or +61 412 019 848


Booking structure (do I book into specific classes /sessions)?

When you are booked into the Competitive Squads, you are booked into all of the sessions for that squad in the timetable.  This means that you can attend the sessions that suit your schedule.  We also recommend talking to your coach to ensure that you are attending the sessions that suit your child’s development as there will be a different focus on some sessions.


What is the payment structure?

The squad fees are an annual fee paid in monthly instalments via Direct Debit.  Direct Debit payment can be made from either a credit card or a bank account. If you wish to change your Direct Debit details, please get in touch with the Competitive Programs Administrator via the contact details above.


Do the squads take breaks throughout the year?

Yes, the squads will take breaks throughout the year.  This is to ensure that the swimmers and families have the opportunity to get away from the training cycle and is a great opportunity for the swimmers to rest, recover and grow before coming back to training.  Squad breaks are typically over the Christmas period and the end of the summer and winter seasons but may vary from squad to squad.


What happens to payments during Squad Breaks and/or Family Holidays?

Squad fees are not adjusted for squad breaks or family holidays, as the squad fees are an annual fee paid in monthly instalments. Squad Breaks are taken into account when calculating the annual fee.

 What happens to payments when there is a public holiday?

Squad fees are not pro-rata’d for public holidays given that the fees are an annual amount broken into monthly payments, the public holidays are taken into account when calculating the annual fee. Swimmers are encouraged to attend a different session during the week where a public holiday falls during the week to make up their weekly session attendance.

What happens if there is an injury or sickness?

Fees may be put on hold in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Carlile Swimming, where there is a prolonged period of injury or illness.