The Carlile Swimming Team

The Carlile Swimming Team is a competitive swimming club that is closely aligned with the Carlile Swimming organisation. The aim of the Carlile Swimming Team is to enable and support its members to achieve the highest possible performance standards.  The Carlile Swimming Team along with the Carlile Heritage Clubs deliver a pathway for all ages and levels of swimmers to participate and excel in the sport of swimming.  The Carlile Swimming Team was initiated by the changing needs of the competitive swimming environment in Australia.  Now more than ever, the gulf between entry point to the competitive pathway and swimmers competing and achieving at National Championships is widening.   The development of the Carlile Swimming Team allows the achievement of the following:

  • To improve and strengthen our environment, while creating the best avenue for support of the athletes.

  • Creation of a pathway that develops, retains, and attracts the best talent (both coaches and athletes) to Carlile Swimming.

  • Improved delivery of athlete development, education and sport science support

  • To achieve our performance objectives whilst enabling the Carlile Swimming Team to compete against the high performance clubs within Australian swimming.

  • Provide a well-defined focus for operations of the Carlile Swimming Team and the Heritage Club(s).


Governing documents