Wearing the Carlile Swimming Team uniform is an important part of being a team member as it connects you to the team and enables us to support each other. When competing at meets, all members of the Carlile Swimming Team are required to wear the Team uniform. The Carlile Swimming Team has a comprehensive uniform available for purchase by following the links below.  Please take the time to review the sizing guide and sizing charts prior to submitting your order. 

We recommend that new members to the Carlile Swimming Team purchase the Core Uniform items, consisting of: 

  • Jacket

  • Polo Shirt

  • Short

  • Cap

From time to time some uniform items may be unavailable. In the situation where you are unable to place an order please get in touch with us on swimteam@carlile.com.au.  

Uniform Range

Sizing Guide

Mens Sizing Chart

Womens Sizing Chart