Membership Information

Membership Types

The Carlile Swimming team offers two types of membership, Non-Swimmer and Swimmer memberships.  Any individual that wishes to compete and take part in meets or training must join as a Swimming member, while Non-Swimmer memberships are typically for parents, supporters, technical officials and coaches.  

2019-20 Membership Fee’s

Membership fees are inclusive of Swimming Australia, Swimming NSW, Area and Club capitation fees:

  • Swimmer Membership Fee - $215.00

  • Non-Swimmer Membership fee - $22.50

  • Junior Dolphin Membership - $0.00

Where multiple swimmers from the same family join the Carlile Swimming Team the following discounts are applied:

  • Two Swimmers - Second swimmer receives a 10% discount

  • Three Swimmers - Second and Third swimmer receive a 15% discount

  • No discounts are applied to Non-Swimmer memberships as the subscription does not include any club fee

Linked Parent Account

As of early 2019, Swimming Australia now requires all members under 18 to be part of a linked family group with an adult aged 18 or over. This means that a parent account must be added to family groups where all linked members are currently under 18. It is not necessary for parents to make a membership payment when creating a membership account.

Renewing your Membership

The membership period for swimming clubs in New South Wales is from 1st October to the 30th September of the following year. During the month of September  it is possible to renew your subscription to ensure that all of the benefits that arise from membership carry on, in particular with regards to entering swim meets at Club, Area, State and National championship level.  

Membership renewals on Swim Central are handled via replacement products. A replacement product will be automatically assigned to a member prior to their old product expiring. Members can complete the payment of this new product (i.e. renew their membership) through their ‘My Purchases’ tile.

Benefits of Joining the Carlile Swimming Team

  • Provide a graduation point from junior to age-group and open swimming

  • Provide a pathway for success

  • Identify with and become a part of one of the best teams in Australia on an Individual and Relay basis

  • Participate in inter and intra program Competition/Camps/Training opportunities

  • Engage with a wider peer and friendship group

  • Participate in education and support initiatives

  • Provide a Competition oriented ethos and culture

  • Continued link to Heritage club(s)

Member Support of Club & Team Activities

Both the Carlile Swimming Team and the Carlile Heritage Clubs rely upon parents/caregivers and supporters to assist in the delivery of club activities. As a component of membership all members acknowledge that it is a requirement of membership of the Carlile Swimming Team, that they or their parent/caregiver/supporter assist with and contribute to the fulfillment of club obligations and the delivery of club activities from time to time.

Second Claim Membership

An important component of the Carlile Swimming Team is the continued link to the Heritage Clubs via an ongoing involvement of all members in Heritage club activities such as club nights, club championships and social activities. To facilitate this linkage, each member of the Carlile Swimming Team originating from Ryde will automatically become a second claim member of their originating Carlile Heritage Club. Parental and swimmer support of Heritage Club activities is of the utmost importance. The benefits of second claim membership and financial subsidies to attend national championships will be tied to the support of the Heritage Club's activities.

Working with Children Check

Carlile Swimming is committed to providing a safe environment for all to participate in the sport, as such Individual Non-Swimming members joining the Carlile Swimming Team will be required to provide team management with a valid NSW Working With Children Check, including check number and expiry date at the time of registration. Throughout the period of membership with the Carlile Swimming Team it is the individual's responsibility to maintain a valid working with children check.

Carlile Swimming Team - Working with Children Check Details Submission Form

Swimming NSW - Working with Children Factsheet