Carlile Swimming Team Liaison Committee

The Carlile Swimming Team is pleased to announce the initiation of the Liaison Committee.  The Committee is an important part of the governance structure of the Carlile Swimming Team, providing an important focus for Team operations and ensure the perspective of the membership base.


Function of the Committee

  • Actively seek involvement and engagement from parents, swimmers and other members of the Carlile Swimming Team

  • Act as a focus group to work in conjunction with the Directors and management of the Carlile Swimming Team

  • Assist in ensuring effective communication of all club activities between swimmers, parents and non-swimmers


Composition of the Committee

  • One (1) Carlile Swimming Team Director, who shall act as Board liaison and committee chairperson

  • The Carlile Swimming Competitive Programs Manager

  • The Carlile Swimming Head Coach

  • Three (3) suitably qualified non-swimmer representatives

  • At least One (1) suitably qualified swimmer representative

2018/19 Short Term Objectives

  • Implement and encourage all Team Supporters to sit together at meets

  • Post National Championships social events

  • Develop an education program aimed at swimmers and parents incorporating sport psychology and nutrition

  • Organise cross site training and social events

  • Develop a range of supporter apparel

  • Develop and improve signage and branding of the Team at events

  • Create a closed internal Facebook group to share content and communicate with the Team

  • Develop Uniform incentives for swimmers

  • Utilise contacts to support coach and swimmer education/development


Get in touch with the Liaison Committee via email at