Heritage Clubs

The Carlile Swimming Team is closely aligned with the Carlile Heritage Clubs made up of Ryde-Carlile and Narrabeen Carlile. The Heritage clubs focus upon the entry point to club swimming for swimmers 12 years and under, providing important services and support for swimmers such as club races, social activities and support to attend camps/competitions. 

An important component of the Carlile Swimming Team is the continued link to the Heritage Clubs via an ongoing involvement of all members in Heritage club activities. To facilitate this linkage, each member of the Carlile Swimming Team will automatically become a second claim member of their originating Carlile Heritage Club.

Follow the links below to learn more about each of the Heritage Clubs: 

Follow the link below to an illustration of the relationship and pathway a swimmer may follow through the lifetime of their involvement within the Heritage Clubs and the Carlile Swimming Team: