Our Environment

As a member of the Carlile Swimming competitive program and the Carlile Swimming Team you are affiliated with the various over arching bodies involved in competitive swimming – this gives you an opportunity to compete at local, state, national and international competitions as well as potentially become involved in high level development programs.

Carlile Swim Schools

Carlile Swimming provides swimming programs for all ages, from babies to Olympians. We have been pioneering new teaching and training methods for more than half a century and are recognised worldwide as a leader in all aspects of aquatic education. Carlile Swimming employs over 600 staff across 10 swim centres. Every week we help 20,000+ kids become safer and more confident in and around the water. Swimmers progress from the Carlile Swimming Swim Schools to the Carlile Swimming competitive program by achieving the promotion requirements in Sharks and Performance Transition squad levels. 

Carlile Heritage Clubs

The Carlile Swimming Team is closely aligned with the Carlile Heritage Clubs made up of Ryde-Carlile and Narrabeen Carlile. The Heritage clubs focus upon the entry point to club swimming for swimmers 12 years and under, providing important services and support for swimmers such as club races, social activities and support to attend camps/competitions. 

An important component of the Carlile Swimming Team is the continued link to the Heritage Clubs via an ongoing involvement of all members in Heritage club activities such as club nights, club championships and social activities. To facilitate this linkage, each member of the Carlile Swimming Team will automatically become a second claim member of their originating Carlile Heritage Club.

Metro North East

Swimming Metro North East (SMNE) is our local arm of Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia. SMNE membership consists of more than 20 clubs (including Carlile Swimming Team and Narrabeen Carlile Swimming Club) and 1000+ competitive swimmers. They run meets and development programs, train technical officials, support coach development and coordinate activities for swimmers in our local area. Metro North East development squads provide a number of opportunities for our swimmers to further their skills and knowledge of swimming.

Swimming NSW

Swimming NSW operates as the administrative agency of swimming in NSW.  Their mission is to foster, control and develop swimming in NSW and the ACT. Swimming NSW currently maintains a membership of over 37,000 members across 13 affiliated areas and over 380 clubs. Their database contains information on all registered members, including swimmers, non-swimmers, technical officials and coaches.

Swimming Australia


Swimming Australia is the national sporting organisation, which is responsible for the promotion and development of swimming in Australia at all levels.  Home of the Australian Swim Team, Swimming Australia is recognised as one of the leaders in Australian sport and has almost 100,000 members and over 1100 swimming clubs registered nationwide.

Development Programs

Swimming Australia recognises that emerging athletes are the source of our future international level senior athletes. Providing support to athletes progressing along the athlete pathway will help secure better results in the future. In partnership with Swimming NSW, a number of development programs and squad pathways are available and selection into these squads is based on various criteria.