Carlile Swimming Team - FAQ's

Why was the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ created?

The aim of the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ is to improve and strengthen the environment for swimmers from the Carlile Competitive Program to train, compete and achieve their swimming goals.

How will the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ be different?

Because the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ will consist of swimmers that are thirteen (13) years and over and/or competing at National Age, it can focus on providing support that will assist your swimmer in achieving their swimming goals through high quality support and activities.

When did the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ start?

The Carlile Swimming Team was approved for affiliation by the Swimming NSW Board of Directors in May 2016.  Transfers began taking place in June, 2016.

Who will I swim for?

If you are thirteen (13) years old and/or have qualified for National Age you will be invited to compete for the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’. If you are twelve (12) years or under you will continue to swim for your current Heritage club.

Who will be my coach?

Your coach will not change as a result of becoming a member of the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’.

Will my squad change?

No, you will remain in your current squad at the same training facility.

Will the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ have a different uniform?

Yes, the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ will adopt a simple cost effective uniform to compete in that is different to the current Heritage Club uniforms. More information relating to the Carlile Swimming Team Uniform is available on the Swim Team website.

What will happen to my current club?

The current Carlile Swimming affiliated clubs at Ryde and Narrabeen will continue to operate and will be referred to as ‘heritage clubs’.  They will focus upon providing opportunities to members that are twelve (12) years and under.

Can I still be involved with my previous club even if I’m a member of the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’?

Yes, we encourage members of the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ to continue to be an active member of their heritage club by volunteering, helping junior swimmers or participating in club racing etc.

As a parent of a swimmer thirteen (13) years and over, will I be expected to volunteer to help the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’?

Yes, the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ will require parental support from time to time even though it will be run and supported by Carlile Swimming. Members of the ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ can also be elected to be a Director and/or assist the team by participating in a sub-committee. Parents of ‘Carlile Swimming Team’ members will also be encouraged to continue to support their Heritage Club(s) at events such as club racing, club championships etc.